Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hungry Boy

Little AY is not so little anymore. He is growing every day and a hungry boy.
I started him on solids a bit before his six month birthday because he was very interested in the food we were eating. I usually skip the rice cereal stage because it has very little nutritional value.
We started with some fruits and vegetables. It took some time for him to get used to a spoon and swallowing. He liked sweet potato and squash but was not really so into the carrots and peas.
Then we tried yogurt and he was super excited. Not surprising, considering how my other kids love yogurt and dairy products.
The problem is that he wants to eat everything. Whenever he sees one of us eating, he wants in on the action. But he is not quite ready for all the different types of food. Right now we are still doing mostly smooth foods, but he is also becoming better at slightly lumpy foods such as mashed banana.
Because he is my fourth and I am more relaxed about things, and I don't like to see him cry, here are some of the things he has sampled in the last few days: chocolate chip muffins, challah, french fries, melon, pizza crust, mango froz fruit. He cannot really eat most of this stuff so he usually he just sucks on it a bit.
But today, in addition to nursing, he actually ate 2 yogurts and an entire banana. Did I mention that he is getting a bit heavy for babywearing :)
I am glad that he is interested in food though. Y is such a picky eater that I am grateful for kids who like to eat. He is also so cute when he eats, making little happy"um, um" sounds. I wanted to snap a picture of him devouring his banana today but I could not because he gets upset when I put the spoon down because I am not feeding him fast enough put the spoon down. So you'll just have to take my word for it.

On the special needs front, check out this blog post from Glennon at Momastery.  She writes that she has always loved children with Down Syndrome, so when she was pregnant with her first child and the doctors  suspected that he had Down Syndrome, she was not put off by it. When her son Chase was born and the doctors determined that he was perfectly typical, she was almost disappointed. It's an interesting read.
Feel free to post links to any interesting articles you have seen around this week.

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