Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Turns out we live in a pretty safe neighborhood, when it comes to hurricanes. Sandy came and went and we barely felt her. There was a lot of wind and some downed trees, but other than that, our part of town escaped pretty much unscathed. I wish I could say the same for the rest of the metro area. Large parts of NJ are without power, as is Manhattan below 34th Street. 
I almost feel badly to be going about business as usual, when others are really suffering. A and M are back in school already, but Y will be home for the rest of the week. Bus service was reinstated today, subway service is coming back partially tomorrow. It's pretty amazing how quick NYC bounces back. 
While all this is going on, I am still thinking about the terrible murder of those two little children at the hand of their nanny. There is really nothing to say about is terrifying for anyone who ever leaves their kids to think about. I don't have a nanny, but I do have several babysitters who watch my children when I go to school, go to meetings, appointments or even to yoga class. You can only know a person so well and there has to be a certain trust in someone else to care for your children. I kept thinking about the fact that the mother just left the house for an hour or two, to take her daughter to a swim class. The little girl was still seen in the elevator at 5...and was dead by 5 30. How does one even begin to fathom??

This time of year is also when I remember my friend Jenny, z"L. Jenny was a roommate of mine in seminary in Israel and died very suddenly due to a brain hemorrhage two years ago, leaving behind a husband and three young children. 
Her family has started a facebook event in her memory, called  Lashon Hatov. This is what they write:

  • Jenny was an extraordinary individual, with a rightly famous smile that would lift friend and stranger alike, and an immensely sweet and loving nature. November 3rd will be the second anniversary of Jenny’s sudden passing, and we are inviting you to be a part of helping fill the world with a little more love in her beautiful memory.

    The name for this project is Lashon HaTov (literally The Language of Good) and is inspired by the Jewish prohibit
    ion against slander Lashon HaRah (literally The Language of Evil.) Let’s go beyond merely desisting from negative speech and in Jenny’s memory spend one day making an extra effort to speak positively about friends and family.

    You can do Lashon HaTov anywhere, and there is no right or wrong way to be a part of this, but we suggest on November 3rd:

    1. Make a conscious effort to be aware of the power of what we say to others, and what other say to us.
    2. Try to say or do three specific kind words or acts to your best friend/relative/stranger on the street – whoever – that will make them walk taller as a result.
    3. Share your stories and memories of Jenny on the wall below and her shining example of Lashon HaTov.
    4. Invite as many people as possible – let’s make this big people!

    So I am inviting you all to join and bring a smile to someone's face, speak nicely and do good in Jenny's memory. With natural disasters and human made tragedies abounding, we could definitely use a little more light in this world.



  1. Glad you are okay! Sorry for your loss, and thanks for the link. I love the idea of spreading good! I'm in.

  2. thanks melissa...we need more kindness/good in this world