Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Check me out

The new Mishpacha Family Weekly is out today and yours truly is quoted in the Family First, the women's magazine. I have to thank my sister for setting this one up.
The article is about how families, who live far apart, stay in touch. I am quoted as an example of someone who uses the internet as a way of keeping up. While this blog was not started in order to share news with my family all over the world, it has definitely helped others be more aware of the things going in our lives. As I mention in the magazine, the issue with this form of communication is that it is one-sided and I don't get to hear about my siblings' comings and goings in the same way. So if you are reading this, dear siblings- speak up!
All in all, it's not that big of a deal, as it is a long article that quotes many different women, but I am still curious to see it in print.


  1. I might just have to buy the Mishpacha this wek because I am so proud.
    I really do like hearing what's happening in your life through this venue. It's hard to be far away but to look at the bright side: modern technology really enables one to keep in touch much more than ever before.

  2. sc says that theres an excellent article about down syndrome in last weeks Michpacha magazineIts about a couple who waited along time to have children and finally had twns with one of the twins exhibiting down syndrome the couple were still so grateful to hashem for listening to their prayers to have children They felt that the baby with down syndrome was a gift from hashemI saw the article about blogging in Mishpacha Even though I live in Ny and usually see the children once a week i still love to read the adventures of the grandchildren in the blog Youre a great writer The other grandchildren live in israel and when were there we can still enjoy the episodes of our ny grandkids