Sunday, October 10, 2010

Newborn Babies

Tonight I visited a close friend who had just given birth, to see her and her little baby girl, who was just over a day old. It was amazing to hold that little swaddled bundle in my hands and see her peaceful face.
Even though I've had my own children and have been at several other births, I am still always struck by how little and  vulnerable babies are as newborns. When I look at Baby M, who at 20 months insists on being Mister Independent and doing everything his older siblings do, I cannot believe that he was once that little. Even more so, for my older kids. Not to sound like an old lady, but time really does fly.
It's a good reminder, especially on days like today, when my patience level was zero and my kids were their usual loud, messy and strong willed selves. To remember to savor all those moments and to give your kids lots of hugs and kisses, while they still let you do so!

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