Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rain and routine

It's raining, it's pouring. On days like these I just want to crawl into bed with a good book and read. Surprisingly, I have other responsibilities today such as cooking food for shabbos, cleaning up the toys in the kid's room so I can actually see the floor, and maybe even some laundry. I know, I can hardly contain yourself with excitement.
Even thought it can sometimes be annoying to constantly be repeating the same activities- cook, wash dishes, sweep, pick up toys, repeat...there is also a certain comfort in the familiarity of the routine. And the satisfaction of the accomplished task- the clean counter or clothes, even if it does not last that long. Plus I have little M keeping me company which makes it more fun. He is always coming up with new words and phrases. Yesterday he said "museum" as in the Children's Museum that he wanted to go to. I think that museum is a pretty sophisticated word for a kid who is not even two. I am a little biased though.
Even within all that routine, I have a few exciting activities coming up to mix things up a bit. I am going to a new all women's yoga class tonight. I am attending a conference for Rebbetzens in two weeks. And most exciting of all- I have two clients, due to give birth in the next 6 weeks or so. It has been a quiet summer on the birth front with all the traveling and holidays so I am happy to be getting back into things.  And if anyone knows friends searching for a doula- feel free to send them my way!
I will leave you with a song I just recently rediscovered. It is the inimitable Avraham Fried singing "Ale Katan", a beautiful song of a wise old tree giving advice to a young budding leaf. If I find the lyrics translated in English, I will post them too. Enjoy and stay dry!


  1. As in the children's museum of manhattan? if so, M has our votes too!!!
    beautiful song-- would love even the lyrics in Hebrew...

  2. To be fair, we go to the children's museum often so it's not like M was requesting it out of the blue. Still cute though
    I found a website that has the lyrics both in hebrew and english-