Thursday, November 11, 2010

School Report

Last night was Y's Parent Teacher conference. His teacher is really sweet and had wonderful things to say. He is adjusting well, gets along with other kids and his speech is really developing. They are working on ABCs and numbers and he is very interested in learning. The main challenge is really the toilet training, but we are making progress with that as well.
It was nice to hear all about his day and what he does in the many hours he is not home. The friends he has, the games he likes to play, the books he likes to read, etc. It was also nice to get such a positive report about all the wonderful things Y is doing, as opposed to listing the things he cannot do or has delays in.
The teacher shared some cute pictures with us. We loved the one of Y running in the playground, playing soccer. He loves sports, particularly soccer, and my next goal is to sign him up for a soccer class in January. Although we are still not thrilled that he is in a secular school, we do feel he is gaining valuable things there. They have been very accomodating about kashrus and any other issues that have come up.
A's meeting is next week and I am hoping to hear wonderful things again.
Wishing everyone positive and and helpful feedback from their Parent-Teacher Conferences as well.

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  1. What a great report about y You should be so proud cant wait to hear As report