Saturday, August 18, 2012

Family Pics

My mother likes to have  professional pictures of the family taken each year. She says it's a nice way to see how everyone has grown. For the past two years we had the opportunity to take pictures with most, if not all of my siblings. This year, the timing did not work out but we still had a photo session in Jerusalem for just our family.
The photographer came to us which made getting ready much easier. He also did a wonderful job and we have many many great shots. I won't share all of them, just a few to show off my cute kids. You can also see how big they have all gotten. Enjoy!


  1. gorgeous children have lots of nachas

  2. Awesome! Your family is so beautiful! =) Such cute kids.

  3. i miss them so much!!!! tell everyone i say hi!!
    amazing pix!
    -leah n.