Monday, August 6, 2012

Full Days

We are continuing to have a great time here in the Holy Land. Still no pictures to prove it unfortunately.
This morning I had the opportunity to meet an old friend for brunch. She has my dream job- she works as a midwife in a busy Jerusalem hospital. She told me on her last shift, she delivered 3 babies. Pretty cool. We talked shop for a while about birth, doulas (how she feels about them when they question her as a caregiver), doctors, my nursing school aspirations, etc. We also just caught up about life in general. It was really nice but I made the mistake of walking home around 12 30 in the heat of the day- uphill. By the time I had picked the older kids up from the sitter (AY was with me) I was pretty wiped.
After rehydrating, we ventured back out to our playspace we had discovered last week with my sister and her cute kids. Unfortunately, others had discovered it too. It was mobbed and not as peaceful as last time. It was harder to keep tabs on the kids and they were complaining about having to wait on line. They still had a nice time though.
We have full days here, that start early (Y is usually up by 6 or so) and keep on going. By 7 or so, the kids fall into bed and I want to do the same. No complaints though...the trip is going way too fast and before we know it, we will be back on a plane. So we are trying to make the most of it, before it is over!
For some comic relief, check out Amber's post at Crappy Pictures about leaving the house with kids. I can totally relate.

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