Monday, September 3, 2012

Last Summer Outing

Today was the last day to do something fun as a family, so we decided to check out Victorian Gardens in Central Park. We had gone there a long time ago, when Y was about 4 years old and A was three and it had not been a success. It was very loud and Y freaked out and refused to even enter the park. They were also too young to enjoy most the rides.
Fast forward a few years and we are giving it another shot. We still were not sure how everyone would do with the loud noise and fast rides but this time it was a total success! We bought the unlimited ride option for the kids, which was a good thing because they went on every single ride- all the fast, up and down, swings, cars, roller coasters. My husband and I were saying how we would never get on these rides ourselves, but the kids all had a great time. AY mostly just watched from his stroller and napped a bit.
We came home tired but very happy. We would definitely go there again although the cost was a bit steep- but we have come to expect that, as Manttan just won the designation as the most expensive place to live in the US.
Here are some of the rides we went on
the fast swings- Y was screaming but came off saying "more"

the tame train

swing- also pretty tame

jumping frogs

the "scariest" ride- M was not allowed on it and was pretty upset about it . we were relieved :)
Let's not forget that today is "labor" say, so I am also sharing something related to birth- check out this great quote from Ina May Gaskin
Happy Labor Day to all!

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  1. The kids look like theyre having a ball so happy to see that y was not scared this time of the noise or the ride Wow has he progressed what a way to end the summer with a visit to the victorian gardens