Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to Reality

After a month away, we are now back in New York. As much as it was hard to leave Israel, it is so nice to be in our own space again. The kids are thrilled too.
Speaking of children, they were amazing on an 11 hour (!) day flight. They slept a bit, watched videos, played games and were very mellow. D and I were so pleasantly surprised.
Due to jet lag, the kids were up bright and early this morning- can you say 3 30 am? We ignored them for an hour and then D got up with them at 4 30 and I got up at 5, because at that point I was awake already and couldn't fall back asleep. We have had quite a productive morning and I am almost ready for a nap.
I unpacked, did some laundry and went to CVS for some toiletries- at 5 30 am! The guy must have thought I was nuts, but they ARE open 24 hours, so why not take advantage? Next up is more laundry and stocking up on groceries. And bills to pay and phone calls to return. In other words- welcome back to the real world!

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