Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vacation vs. Structure

Sorry for disappearing. My kids messed around with my laptop and took off a bunch of keys which made it really annoying to type. Thanks to you tube tutorials I was able to fix most of them, except for the spacebar. Suggestions, anyone?
I was really frustrated that my children are intent at breaking anything valuable that I own, but then I read Nienie's post about her kids messing up her "G" button on her computer. Not sure why it makes me feel  better to know that other children break stuff too, but it does. Shared misery, I guess.
We are now 2 months into summer vacation and have another 4 weeks to go before school starts. I am not sure whose idea it was to give children a 3 month vacation. I have found that my kids really thrive with structure. Not a totally rigid system but an idea of how their day is going to progress.
We have taught Y a little mantra that he repeats in the morning:" First dressed, then breakfast, then watch". He knows that he needs to get dressed and have breakfast, before he can watch a short video. The same thing at night too- dinner, baths, books, brush teeth, bed. These are routines we more or less try to adhere to even while on vacation. We are missing the routine for the rest of the day, though. Our day goes something like: park-lunch-hang out at home till it cools down around 3 or so- afternoon activity. But it's hard to come up with new activities every day.
My husband keeps reminding me that once school actually starts, it will be the opposite extreme. Both Y and A will be in school till 3 this year. Baby M and I will be hanging out all day, every day. Probably just as well because he is super-attached right now and freaks out every time I leave, even sometimes when my husband is home.
Right now, though, all that seems so far off. I should just focus on the present anyway. Enjoy the last few days here before I need to fly home, get settled, go through mountains of mail, deal with the Board of Education, work out other scheduling issues, etc...Reality will catch up with me soon enough; I might as well enjoy the last few days of freedom, even if we are missing some structure and routine.
Y and M enjoying the swings at
 yet another playground

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