Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It is only 9 15 pm here but I am totally wiped. I am supposed to be sleeping now but instead I am blogging. Why? A) Because I am insane and B) because I feel like complaining about being tired.
I think all the running around, traveling and mommying is finally catching up with me. This morning I was woken up before 7 am by three enthusiastic children next to my bed, one of whom happens to be 18 months old AND SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO GET OUT OF HIS CRIB BY HIMSELF. Apparently M has not gotten the memo and has used this trip to teach himself how to climb out of his crib. Quite gracefully, may I add, since I had the pleasure of watching him several times over the last few days....Also woke up to find that my throat is hurting, I am coughing and I have caught a cold in 100 degree weather. Very talented on my part.
After everyone was dressed and fed, I brought the older 2 to camp and then proceeded to walk from Katamon to Rechavia, Rechavia to Kikar Zion in town, back to Rechavia and then from Rechavia to Keren Hayessod between the hours of 11 and 3 when it is incredibly hot there in Jerusalem (If these names doesn't mean anything to you, don't worry about it. They are all about15 minute walks)
Why? See answer A above. Really just because I had to go see an apartment, meet a friend for lunch and then take my kids swimming. All fun activities but they should probably not all be attempted within the span of a few hours. Especially if I am already not feeling well.
At the pool, my husband and I were busy making sure no one dives headfirst into the water or pulls any other dangerous stunts. Am I the only one who finds taking her kids to places with water very stressful and anxiety-provoking? Then M cut his toe on a shard of glass that was inexplicably on the floor. After determining that it was a very minor cut, we dressed everyone and hauled them home again. We picked up dinner on the way and started our usual routine of dinner, wrestling everyone into the showers and their pyjamas, reading books and finally BEDTIME! It took an hour but then it was quiet.
 I had said I was going to sleep right after the kids but I couldn't resist the urge to use the computer in peace and quiet and to clean up all the random stuff that is flying around the apartment. But now I am definitely going to bed. And my husband promised to wake up with the kids tomorrow morning...now that is a real vacation!

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  1. reading the article i realised this was probably the day u met me for lunch!!! wow!! i get a mention on ur blog!!!! :) sorry u caught a cold from it all but it really was wonderful to catch up again and to meet M. I hope IYH to be able to meet D, Y and A sometime in the not too distant future. wishing u a gemar chasima tova