Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random Things People Say to Me

My husband does not believe me, but for some reason I seem to be a magnet for comments and questions on the street. These usually range from innocuous asking for directions to rude comments about the size of my family.
I was telling a friend, that on some level I take it as a compliment that people find me so approachable. And so I patiently tell them where Amsterdam is, or the nearest subway stop, or Duane Reade or kosher eateries (What me, Jewish? How could you tell?).
On the other hand, there are all the other comments that I do not enjoy as much. It still surprises me that grown men would actually hit on a woman walking on the street with 3 young children. Don't I look a bit busy?  I have been told several times that I have beautiful eyes, and another time a man told me "Miss, you dropped something."  When I actually looked down (because with all the stuff I lug around, it's not inconceivable that I may have dropped something) he said "You dropped my heart." Oh please. What's funny is that I still see this guy on the street sometimes and he is always using the same line on other women.
Then there are the people who tell you what to do with your kids. His nose is running, his head is drooping, etc...I find these comments patronizing.  I know his nose is running but if I stop every 30 seconds to wipe it, I will never make it past this block! His head is drooping because he is sleeping for a change- don't wake him!
One time, on the street, a homeless man told me I shouldn't stand too far from my stroller when shopping for produce. Then he asked me for change for coffee.
My absolute biggest peeve (and I know I have posted about this before) is when people comment on the size of my family. "Wow, you're busy" or "Are these all yours" or any variation of the theme. One time someone actually said "You have too many kids" and another crude comment that is best left unquoted.
But the nicest thing is when people actually say nice, encouraging things about me or my family. A few weeks ago, I made a mad dash into a supermarket before dinner, which is never a good idea. I hustled the kids through the store, trying to pick up the things I needed and make sure we didn't grab or lose anything/one else on the way. As I was leaving the store, mission accomplished and all children still accounted for, a woman said to me "You are great with your kids and have a beautiful family." This morning, while waiting for the elevator, my neighbor told me "Your kids are always so happy." These comments actually brighten my day and make me feel that maybe, just maybe, I am doing something right. And even if not, I can still tell you the quickest way to get to Broadway!
What are some of the weirdes/funniest/rudest comments you have gotten?

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  1. Im so glad to see that no one has stopped you to comment about a special needs child Enjoy all the positive comments that you receiveI agree with the person who said that you are great with your kids and you have a beautiful family Kol hakavod to you