Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Life with Four

As my parents' departure looms closer, I am starting to think about what life will be like when I am on my own with my crew. I think my biggest challenge will be the morning- getting all of us dressed, bundled up and and out of the house in time to catch A's bus across the street at 7 36. If I can manage that, the rest should be a cinch. The other crazy time in our home is 4 to 6 pm but I usually have help at that time to make sure everyone gets fed, bathed and their homework done before going to bed.
Two interesting developments that could make the next few weeks challenging: One of our longtime babysitters is going to Italy for a semester abroad at the beginning of January, so next week is her last week helping out. Finding a good caregiver is hard. This particular young woman has been working with our kids on and off for two years now on different days and in different ways. She really loves our kids and knows them well. She will be sorely missed...and I need to find someone to replace her. If anyone reading this knows any students who may be available to help out Mondays and Wednesday afternoons after 3 45, send them my way...I am totally serious!
Secondly, Y and M will be off from school for a week at the end of December for a holiday break. Friendship Circle is running a winter camp for children with special needs so I think I will sign Y up. Having him home all week needing to be entertained could prove to be a bit overwhelming.
Speaking of overwhelming, two of my favorite bloggers wrote posts this week about the insanity that is life with four young children (excuse some of the language...they have had a rough day!). I had to laugh at Mama Birth's and Melissa's descriptions of their kids' antics...but not too much, because I know that that may be me in a few weeks. Something to look forward to :)

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  1. If anyone can do it, you can! You seem to do everything with grace. =) It's a crazy wild life some days but it is so worth it. Kids are so much fun.
    And i should really clean up my language so you don't have to apologise for it every time you like one of my posts... lol... my grandma complains about my language, too!
    It's my voice, though--I'm actually a pretty conservative and religeous person, but I express myself kind of irreverently... =p

    I'm so glad you had such a beautiful home birth! And that it was so positive for you. As for not having your husband there, I have to say that births are kind of like weddings in my experience; something always goes not according to plan! Or at least not the way you wish it would have in retrospect.
    For Amarys' birth I wish my kids were there. I had planned it, and they were prepped, and in the moment Brent asked and I said NO! And then no one thought to ask later and they missed the actual birth. I am still pretty sad about it. But that's the way birt goes I guess! =)

    My midwife had had a baby die in utero and told me the story about it after I was crying about my kids not being there and she told me a bit about something she regretted at that birth, but that it was still by far her best birth out of three, because it was so peaceful. That helped, because if she could still treasure that birth story even after her baby passed away and the big something she regretted (her story, I don't want to overstep by sharing it asunder), then I could get over not having my kids there. Anyways, wayyyyy aside. And this comment was not supposed to be about me! It was to say that I love your posts and I'm glad you had a beautiful home birth, and that I am sure you will do very well with four kidlets. You are good at what you do, and I admire you. =)