Tuesday, June 24, 2014

No I in Team

Somehow all my professors in nursing school feel the need to assign us group work. Maybe it's because nurses need to learn to work together or  maybe it's just to torture us more, but I really dislike it. Here is why- I am pretty responsible person and I know I can rely on myself to get the job done. I cannot always say the same for members of my groups, especially if they are assigned and we can't chose our partners.
Plus I like to do work on my own time, rather than worrying about other people's schedules.
Usually it has always worked out okay in the end, sometimes with some probing on my part, sometimes more organically. One time I got in an online argument with a girl from my class because she claimed I changed the final product without approval. So let us just say I am not a fan.
Which is how I find myself yet again in the middle of a group project feeling slightly frustrated. This is an online class, so I do not even know some of my group members and will probably never get to meet them. From the beginning, there was a lack of enthusiasm. A classmate and I finally took initiative to get the project started, wrote an outline and assigned people roles. Then I spent the next week waiting for people to respond to my emails and messages. It appears I am finally getting some responses and this project is slowly, slowly coming together. I hope the end product is semi decent.About 35% of my grade depends on other people.
Another reason I cannot wait for nursing school to be OVER! 7 weeks to go

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