Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How we have been

Kind of hard to summarize a year and a half in a blog post. So much have happened. The kids have gotten so big.
They amaze me every day with the things they do and know and their incredible thoughts. They also frustrate the heck out of me because they are still loud, crazy, energetic and always seem to find new ways to test my patience.

Y is turning 9 in a few weeks. That is pretty crazy to me. He is doing amazing in so many ways. He has grown so tall and has really come into himself. He communicates very well and is all boy- he loves all sports, especially football and basketball. His new love is wrestling, which we are trying to put a stop to, since it never ends well.

A is 7.5 and is still the princess and ruler of the house. The boys look up to her and go along with her crazy schemes and games. She has become an avid reader, which I am going to have to claim as coming from my gene pool, since I spent most of my childhood lying on my bed reading. She loves American Girl books, Katie Kazoo, Ivy & Bean and anything else she can get her hands on. She loves gymnastics and is pretty amazing with the things she can do- cartwheels, handstands, you name it. Although she is a girly girl, she is also very bouncy with a constant need to move, which can drive me a little crazy. She is very mature and insightful, often understanding things without us having to explain it to her. She inherited my stubborn streak, which can make life "interesting" but mostly it's been fun watching her grow up and her personality develop.

M is 5 and us our absentminded professor. He is very smart and is always deep in thought about something. He is very good at math and has taught himself addition and subtraction. He is also teaching himself to read and is reading sight words and short books such as the Gerald and Piggy- series. He is very social and is Mr. Popular in his new pre-school. I usually get frustrated at him, when I am trying to go somewhere and he is still standing around without his pants on or got distracted somewhere between putting his first and second shoe on. Or when I am trying to talk to him and he is too involved in coloring/reading or building lego to even hear me...Mostly we have fun together, he has a lot of playmates between Y and AY although he seems to clash with A sometimes. He is also very sensitive and he often talks about his feelings being hurt. I try to validate his feelings without coddling him too much, a delicate balance.

And then there is AY. Not even sure where to begin. He is 2.5 and now a walking, talking firecracker.
All my kids are energetic but this one takes the cake. Always on the move, always touching/breaking/spilling something, he definitely keeps me on his toes. He has that mischievous twinkle in his eyes and says the funniest things. Right now, his obsessions are: Torah, spiderman and firetrucks. He talks about torahs non-stop which is quite hilarious. He also runs to the window every time he hears a siren. He is an awful sleeper and often ends up in my bed overnight and I let him because he is the fourth and I'm tired and I just want to sleep.
He has an infectiously positive personality and it's hard to stay angry at him, even when he does the craziest thing. He is also very friendly and is buddies with all the doormen and utility men in our building. His hair is getting longer and curlier each day and we still have six months to the haircut.

And there you have it, our crazy, motley crew!

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