Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We are officially moving 2 weeks from today. The countdown is on. We are just moving diagonally across the street which means it's not too monumental but we still need to get all our stuff from Point A to Point B.
Am busy decluttering the apartment and getting rid of stuff/organizing so the move will go smoother. Although right now I am procrastinating at the computer and my big to-do list is not getting done. I feel like it will go pretty smoothly- I have a plan and an excel spreadsheet :) And my mom is coming in to help (thanks, Ma!)
But I also have all the other regular stuff to deal with that doesn't go away just bec we're moving- cooking, laundry, therapy sessions for Y, finding schools for next year, etc. And of course 2 births coming up later in December which I am very excited about. It's been slow recently so I am glad that I am becoming more busy on the doula front. Still trying to see how that puzzle piece will fit into the rest of my life but so far it always has.

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