Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One of those days...otherwise known as life with 3 kids

It all starts when I am woken up at 5 30 by my 10 month old baby who decides that this is the perfect time to nurse and start the day! After letting him cry for a bit, I stumble out of bed to feed him and then dump him on the floor with some toys, hoping he'll be okay. Half asleep I start to hear my other children stirring but decide to just ignore them. How bad could it be? Soon my 3 year old is coming in the room announcing that Y. my 4 year old is spilling food all over the place. After a few more minutes of procrastination I walk into the kitchen to be greeted by the sight of yogurt and lasagna all over the floor. Meanwhile my baby is happily licking the food off the floor and his pyjamas. While I am busy cleaning up the mess, my son Y decided he isn't done yet and promptly clears off two bookshelves of books.
When I tell him to go play in his room he hapily waltzes off and spills 2 boxes of toys on the floor. I guess the them of the day is throwing/dumping.
I make a cup of coffee and decide to muddle through till drop off. Then I remember my kids are off from school today because it's Veteran's day. And my babysitter who was supposed to come at 9 30 so I can run some errands never arrives.
That's when I know it is going to be one of those days....Suffice it to say that everyone was sleeping by 6 30 and I (barely) lived to tell the tale.
But I will say this- they are incredibly cute when they are sleeping and sometimes even when they are awake :)

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