Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The wonders of special education

I spent my morning at a workshop about "turning 5". Why does one need to attend a workshop about one's child turning five? Well you don't if your child is "typical" the new politically correct way for saying "normal". If your child however has developmental delays, turning 5 is a whole saga of evaluations, meetings, educational placements etc. that actually starts pretty soon after your child turns 4. Confused yet?
I was too but thanks to some really nice people at Resources for Children with Special Needs and a folder full of hand-outs, I now know what to expect. Which is for the Board of Ed to be annoying and mess up and forget to call me. I then will grit my teeth and call them over and over again and resubmit my paperwork until they approve what I want for my child. This ongoing saga starts soon and goes till June 15th when we get our final placement. Stay tuned

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