Sunday, November 29, 2009

boxes, boxes everywhere

Today was part 1 of the move- PACKING! Thank goodness we decided to splurge and have people pack for us. I got tired just watching them. And overwhelmed at the sheer amount of stuff that we have. This is AFTER I sorted through, organized, gave away, threw out and sold (I love craigslist!) tons of things. I should really post a picture of this glorious mess but my camera is packed...
So now the apartment is just a jumble of boxes waiting to be moved tomorrow. Which my children think is fun to climb on and jump off. Wonderful. Part 2 of this adventure happens tomorrow- getting everything into the new apartment. then of course unpacking. It is going to be a fun few days.
Today when the packers were almost all done, I got a little choked up checking out all the empty closets and bookshelves. It is always a bit sad to move on. I am really excited for our new apartment and having more space. But you are always leaving something behind- our super nice neighbors, the doormen who love my kids, most importantly this space that has been a home to us for over three years as our family has grown and changed. I have this weird line in my head that sums it all up perfectly- 5 dollars for anyone who knows this song: "Closing time- you dont have to go home but you cant stay here."

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