Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Girl's Night Out

Last night my closest friend drove into the city to hang out with me and make sure I am not too lonely. We went out to dinner at a cute cafe and had a great time. Although we talk (and text and email) almost every day, it's usually in 10 minute increments that are often interrupted by children's requests, misbehaviors or tantrums. It was so nice to just spend quality uninterrupted time with a quality person and wax philosophically about the meaning of life :) Well not quite the meaning of life but things like parenting, marriage, and religious values; all the fun stuff we are continuously working on.
Every time we get together sans kids, we talk about doing it again soon. Usually it takes about six months but that's okay. We always get our act together eventually.
We are slowly heading for Friday and while the week has thankfully been smooth and uneventful, I am definitely looking forward to some adult company and the end of this solo parenting stint.

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