Sunday, March 21, 2010

The tale of the stroller

Living in Manhattan with three little children, I rely heavily on my stroller as a mode of transportation. We joke around that they are like our cars- outfitted with shocks, breaks and top of the line amenities. In truth, we have quite a few strollers (I won't say how many) but the one I use the most is the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller with a buggy board attached in the back. If this sounds like greek to you, you must not have any children yet :)
Yesterday, as I was walking home from the park with my kids, I heard a funny sound and saw a wheel on the ground. I thought it looked awfully familiar and as I looked down at my stroller, I realized it was my front wheel and that it had just popped off! I quickly picked it up and ordered my kids to get out of the stroller. I didn't want to learn what happens when you push a stroller with only three working wheels. Thankfully Baby M was home so the older two could walk, although they were not happy about it. Thus began a very long walk home, punctuated by complaints and attempts to climb back into the stroller.
My doorman thought the problem was easily fixed but I did not have time to do it then, as the kids were cranky and hungry. After attempting to take the kids out with a single stroller on Sunday morning, I realized that I needed to get my other stroller fixed ASAP. I asked my doorman if he would do it and he said to bring it down so he could take a look at it. As I got in the elevator, my neighbor asked why I was taking an empty stroller downstairs. I showed him the wheel that had come off. He took a look at it and said, 'Oh, I can do that no problem." And he did. When we got downstairs, he turned the stroller on its side and within 5 minutes, had the wheel back on, good as new. I was thoroughly impressed and relieved-and I did not even have to tip him! So that's the happy ending to my story. My stroller is back in one piece and I am a happy but tired mommy.

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