Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick travel story

We are heading to the airport soon so no time to post too long but wanted to share a funny apropos travel story. As an orthodox woman, I cover my hair with a wig. To secure my hair under the wig I use two big metal clips underneath it, that are not visible .
Whenever I travel, this causes trouble as I set off the metal detector and then have to do the whole song and dance check up on the side-lines. Not too much fun when you are traveling with kids and your husband has to watch all three and collect the stuff from the xray machine by himself!
Last time we were traveling, just as I was walking through the metal detector, I remembered the clips and must have made a face. The security guard noticed and said, "You look nervous, is something wrong?" I said "I am wearing a clip under my wig and am about to set off the metal detector!" The guard's eyes went wide and he said "You are wearing a wig? That's so awesome!" Sure enough, I set off the metal detector but at least I got a laugh out of his reaction!
Wish us luck on our journey!