Sunday, April 17, 2011

Almost there

I've been really quiet because I have been breathing, thinking and working Pessach. The deadline is approaching and we are getting there.
B"H all the major stuff is done. I have a list of small things that needs to be done before 10 30 tomorrow (ie thrown out toothbrushes, garbage, close off cabinets), several loads of laundry before chatzos and some minor cooking in the afternoon...and before I know it, it will be seder night. Our kids are very excited and I am too. It feels like a culmination of a month's intense and hard work. I am getting a little paranoid now, thinking of what I could have forgotten or messed up or not cleaned well enough but I am trying to remind myself that I did the best I could and that is all that is expected of me.
Somehow, my kids don't seem to realize that Pessach is tomorrow so the regular schedule has been suspended. I spent way too much time in the park today. Tomorrow I hope they will play with each other and entertain themselves because park time is definitely not on my schedule!
Wishing everyone a kosher and freilichen Pessach!

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