Friday, April 29, 2011

Birth News and Links

My friend and fellow doula Leda wrote a great piece on Pessach and midwives for her seder. She asked for my input and credits me but really she did most of her research on her own. You can see her article on her blog here.
A short NY Times article quotes a study that what we in the doula-community already all know. More intervention is not the study the outcomes of births were there were routine interventions were not any better than the births were there was none. No wonder the US is something like nr 48 in the world when it comes to Maternal mortality rates.
Lastly, I want to direct you to a great blogpost over at mamabirth called "We are all going to die." In it she addresses the fear and panic that often surrounds birth and how doctors will often play into that fear by saying- well if you want what's best for your baby, then you need to be induced/have pitocin/have your membranes ruptured prematurely/have a c-section. Don't we all just want a healthy baby? Here is the thing though: as evidenced by the Times article referenced above, all these interventions actually do not guarantee you a healthy birth. Moreover, they will often get in the way of it...Read the full post for all the reasons why.
And now I need to go rescue my shlissel-challah from the oven before it burns. And if you don't know what shlissel-challah is just click here.
Have a great shabbos!

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