Thursday, April 21, 2011

What we have been up to

We are right in the midst of Passover craziness. So far the kids have been handling the change in diet and schedule as well as can be expected.
The sedarim were really nice. It was great not to have company and to really be able to focus on the children. It was mostly A's show, because M is too little and Y had not learned a lot about Pessach. Allthough he did sing the ma nishtana and dayenu with us.
Yomtov in general was a little stressful. It was two long days and the kids were tired, bored and cooped up in the apartment for most of it due to bad weather. Here are just some of the shenanigans they were up to:
- Y climbed on a chair to find the DVD player and managed to plug it in and play Uncle Moishy on it. I finally pleaded with them to unplug it and then hid it in a new spot.
-M poured about half of a bottle of ketchup onto a piece of Matzah, and also the surrounding area ie tablecloth, chair, floor
-Many many DVDs and CDs were flung from the high shelf were I try to keep them out of the reach of the kids...I might need to find a new safe spot.
- Y threw a whole collection of items out of our window, causing our neighbor to come up and complain. Our doorman was nice enough to bring the items up later: a kippa, a book, a frisbee, a jumprope and a box to a game. Needless to say I was embaressed and need to work on getting screens for the warm weather.
-When we finally did make it to the park, M managed to try and wedge himself through a tiny hole in a fence and got his head stuck there, causing him to shriek and the whole park to look on in horror as my husband and I, struggled to free him. Yes, we are always those parents.
There is never a dull moment in our home, I can definitely attest to that.
The kids saw an ad for an Unlce Moishy concert in Brooklyn and were lobbying hard for us to go there today. My husband and I quickly vetoed the idea and instead we decided to take them to the Intrepid Museum because they were supposed to have a special Chol Hamoed even there. We waited on line for 40 minutes only to discover that the Intrepid is not really a place for young children. There were no special activities except for a pretty pathetic concert on a very windy deck. Y kept on asking to go home, A. desperately wanted to stay for another performance that was not until an hour later. We did not bring a stroller for M who was tired and wanted to be carried everywhere and looked like he was about to fall asleep. When we finally left, it took us 20 minutes and 2 very long avenues to find a cab with very cranky children.
Let's just say that I am a little bit exhausted. Although the purpose of this post is not to complain (alright, maybe a little bit). It is just to marvel how busy and crazy life can get. I have really been neglecting things on the doula end of things. Sometimes it just feels like I cannot fit anything else into my life.
Although I know that I am usually happier and less stressed when I am pursuing something that is of interest to me, whether it is yoga, knitting or attending births.
While I have not had any doula clients since December, I have definitely been reading and keeping up with birth-related topics. I have been observing the launch of Brio Birth, an organization that describes itself as childbirth education for 21st century parents. I am thinking about studying for my Lamaze exam, although I am not particularly motivated right now. I was vicariously following along as Gina from The Feminist Breeder was preparing for a homebirth VBAC- her daughter was actually born this morning!
And I love to read lots of other blogs and articles about birth...because I am crazy like that. And maybe one of these days I will actually work on networking, getting hired and attending a birth. That might be nice. But first- the rest of Pessach!

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  1. Routine is better for kids, especially special needs kids. Yom tov is a major break in routine. As for chol hamoed "special" activities, I learned that I do not enjoy them.

    Cooking, eating, knitting, crocheting ... that's more my speed, too.

    One year my boss (with whom I had an awkward relationship) was trying to make conversation with me, and asked what the holiday was like. All I could really say was "eat a lot of big meals, and wait until 2:00 when the babysitter arrives..."