Sunday, April 3, 2011

The links edition

I am a little distracted these days, so I figured, if I cannot offer you any words of wisdom, I can at least point you in the direction of some other blogs that may pique your interest.
So here I go:

Love that Max- a really great blog about children with special needs written by a mother of a boy with CP who is a wonderful writer and has a great sense of humor

Jewish Mom- Chana Jenny Weisberg puts together a wonderful mix of things on her blog- some of her own thoughts, links to articles related to motherhood, and other random things.  Her mommy pep-talk videos are sweet too.

My Shtub- I just discovered this blog last week (thanks to Chana Weisberg actually) but I love it- the author is a mom of three who just recently discovered that she is ill. Her youngest daughter has down syndrome and is the cutest little blond girl ever!! Alisheva, the writer of this blog, takes amazing pictures and it's worth checking out her blog just for that.

There are obviously also birth-related blogs that I like to read but I'll spare you those, because you probably don't love reading birth stories as much as I do...
That said, even if you go enjoy someone else's wit, come back and visit soon. I am already composing lots of hysterical and insightful blog posts in my head. I will keep working on them, while I am busy cleaning my kitchen cabinets tonight...

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