Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

So yesterday was my 28th birthday. At times I feel ridiculously young, others I can't believe I am already so "old," slowly but surely inching towards the end of my twenties.
I celebrated by going to my favorite yoga class in the morning and out to dinner with my husband in the evening. And trying to stay indoors most of the day and out of the sun!
It has been a busy year and I have much to be grateful for. We also have many exciting things coming up this coming year, among them a trip to Israel in August, my "baby" M starting preschool in September, as well as the arrival of a new baby at the end of November!
I felt kind of superstitious announcing my pregnancy on the Internet, but on the other hand it is such an important part of my day to day life these days that it is hard not to talk about it.
I have had a fairly easy pregnancy. The first three months I was nauseous and miserable. This coincided perfectly with cleaning and cooking for Pessach. It was truly a challenge to keep moving and cleaning when all I wanted to do was sleep and to cook yet more chicken when the sight and smell of it made me sick. But we got through it, and had a nice time.
Towards the end of May, I started feeling better although I still can't eat chicken or ground beef. I am not quite sure why, but I still can barely go near the stuff. I have been (over)compensating with a craving for, go figure, egg salad. The egg salad wraps at Seasons were my staple lunch when I was truly too sick to eat, although my repertoire has expanded a bit since then. My friend suggested that craving eggs was a way for my body to make up the protein I am not getting from poultry. Sounds plausible to me.
My energy level is still not at its normal level but I am doing my best to keep up with the kids and their needs. We shared our news with them but only A. really grasped the concept. I tried to explain to them that I cannot pick them up and that they cannot jump on me, but they need a lot of reminders :)
The crazy heat here is definitely not helping matters in terms of stamina. I try to take M out to the park in the morning before it gets too hot, but then we spend the rest of the day indoors. I am just hoping this humidity and excessive heat breaks the moment it is really not manageable.
We are leaving to Florida on Sunday for a week. I am sure if will be hot there too but it can't be worse than here! Also looking forward to some pool time to cool off!
Wishing everyone a wonderful shabbos and hope you stay cool and near the air conditioning!


  1. bsahah tova Looking forward to a great week in FLa where we can cool off

  2. wow, mazal tov! כל הכבוד לך, באמת :)

  3. Oh! I haven't visited your blog in awhile because I have been busy running around for summer vacation and, you know, being busy with four kids! Congratulations!! It's funny, I thought you might be from the photos you posted but had to go back through old posts to be sure... Yay for babies!!! My turn to knit something for you...
    Congrats again. My 4th I was all over egg salad too, maybe it's something to do with being #4, somehow....