Monday, July 4, 2011

Bedtime Mayhem

One thing the kids and I both thrive on is schedules and structure. I think it's great for kids (and their mommies) to know the routine of the day, what happens when and what is expected of them.
And most of the time this works out very well for our family. The only issue is that every once in a while, something shifts and then the old schedule no longer works. This requires a little bit of shuffling and reorganizing, some kind of growing pains, until a new routine is created.
At the moment, we are struggling with our bedtime routine. Until recently, bedtime was at 7 which meant they usually got into bed around 6 40 and were sleeping most nights by 7 15 or so.
I don't know if it's because school is out or there is something in the water, but that is totally not happening at the moment. M is in the weird in-between stage of phasing out his naps. The days he does not nap at all, he goes to bed at 6 30. On days when he falls asleep late in the afternoon and is then woken up, he is cranky for the rest of the day and unable to fall asleep till past 8 30.
Additionally, Y and A have been lobbying for a later bedtime. Even when I make them get into bed around 7, they usually dont fall asleep till past 8. And Y has started a lovely habit of waking up at 6 or 6 30 am every morning. It is beyond me how they are not tired, especially after long days spent running around playgrounds in the heat.
The one person who is tired is definitely me. After a long day of getting up early, taking kids to camp, playgrounds, errands, picking up from camp, making dinner, doing baths, and then struggling to have the kids stay in their beds, let alone fall asleep, I am totally worn out by the time that everyone is actually sleeping. I usually force myself to do some basic clean up- dishes, picking up toys, laundry and try to get to bed as soon as I can. Which means I no longer have my nights to write, knit, cook, prepare for the next day, take care of bills, etc.
As I said, I am hoping it is just a phase and we will get to a better place. But I am also realizing that as the kids get older, 7 pm is no longer a realistic bedtime, which means I will also need to adjust my expectations for things I want to get done at night. For now I am just hoping that this too shall pass...I will keep you posted.

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