Monday, July 11, 2011

The iPad has arrived

So after weeks of talking about getting an iPad, I actually took a trip down to the intimidating apple store and came home with a brand new iPad2. I have to admit it's pretty embarressing how apple illiterate I am. I've never owned an iPod, iPhone or i anything.
The salesperson was very patient and understanding and I have been having fun today trying to figure everything out today, downloading some apps and getting a feel for it.
The primary reason we got the iPad is for Y, because there are lots of great educational and communication apps to be had (special thanks to my parents and in-laws for partially funding this purchase). Y actually had one in his classroom this year so he is familiar with it. I need to do some more research to find the right programs. I know there are lists online so will probably spending some time this week figuring out what makes sense to add, especially because not all the apps are free.
I also want to get a good cover to protect our new investment. The sales person told me about an iPad cover so durable, "they can play basketball with it". Knowing my kids, that sounds like the kind of protection we are going to need :) If anyone has an iPad, I'd be happy to hear your impressions/feedback/app recommendations.
Y also had his first day of summer school today and other than having a hard time seperating he seems to have had a good day. I am not 100 percent sold on the program he is attending, but am open to changing my mind. I guess we will see how the rest of the week goes.


  1. good luck with the ipad Hope it serves as awonderful educational tool for Y What kind of program are they doing for Y in summer school?

  2. We have an iPad. One app that we love is AlphaBaby. It is an empty screen, and when the child touches it, a shape, letter or number appears, along with a kid's voice saying what it is. You can record your own words for the preloaded letters, shapes and numbers. And you can also put your own pictures and captions in it. I put family members in, each one saying their name!