Monday, March 5, 2012

Ready or not

This is shaping up to be a busy week- my midterm is about 12 hours from now. I feel pretty prepared. Purim is 48 hours from now. Not quite as prepared for that.
Tonight I studied and made challah dough to refrigerate over night. I also just placed a huge order of all the things I need for our gigantic seuda, that will hopefully come tomorrow afternoon.
I am trying to to feel overwhelmed and anxious about all the things that need to happen between tonight and Thursday afternoon. I am giving myself peptalks instead about how capable I am :)
On a side note- I went to Starbucks to study on Sunday, while my in-laws held down the fort with the crew (thanks!) and the whole place was full of people studying like me or doing work on their laptops. It was a funny sight to behold. Personally, I would rather study at home in my PJs as long as all the little people are sleeping or out of the house, but I guess that is a personal preference.
Also, read this article about the American Academy of pediatrics on Breastfeeding- they say breastfeeding is a public health issue, not a lifestyle choice. Yes, yes and yes. Finally a voice of reason in all this insane media coverage about nursing in public or pumping at work. Speaking of nursing, these last few days, AY has decided he only likes nursing with me lying down, which is becoming quite inconvenient. Suggestions to getting him to feed in more upright positions are very welcome.
A reading to AY- how delicious is that?

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