Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whirlwind week

Sorry for falling off the face of the planet. After our successful but chaotic purim meal (final count 34 adults, 23 kids) we headed out to miami beach for a little weekend getaway.
My inlaws watched the big kids (thanks!!) and we left early friday morning. This was partially a working trip as my husband was  speaking about inclusion for yachad but we still had a great time. We got to sleep late and sunday was spent hanging out on the boardwalk and by a pool. Check out AY relaxing on a lounge chair.
We came home late sunday night and went right into a crazy week of school, parent teacher confeences, knitting club, early dismissal (Y) and days off (M) and of course starting to clean for pessach.
So I am just catching my breath a bit today...will have more to report soon. Stay tuned

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