Monday, March 26, 2012

What I have been doing instead of blogging

-Redeeming my massage for toilet training the boys. If theyre both about 75% there, thats 150% toileting success :)
 -Going out to dinner for our anniversary
-Attending a family bar mitzva in Westchester
-Checking out the new 16 handles in.our neighborhood. The kids loved it. Thanks jdeal
-Washing countless loads of wet pants and underwear daily (like I said, 75 percent of the way there)
-Cleaning the kitchen cabinets
- Nursing my yummy baby who is 4 months old today!
- Hanging out with my sister, her husband and their cute kiddos who are visiting from Israel
-Cleaning more kitchen cabinets. The fridge is next....
-Planning Passover menus and shopping lists

Basically, life is hectic, busy and good.

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