Friday, June 22, 2012

Special Needs Links Edition

A few interesting things I came across this week on the special needs front:

A beauty pageant for individuals with special needs, where everyone gets an award, as reported by Ellen at Love that Max. Check it out, the pictures are really amazing.

A young man with Down Syndrome who owns his own restaurant.Tim Harris is 26, and is the owner of Tim's Place where they serve great food and hugs. None other than People Magazine reported on this very unique young man. Read the article here.

Lastly, my husband wrote an article about the comraderie of parents of children with special needs and the crazy stuff Y has done over the years. Safety awareness is a work in progress. I can't post a link but you can find it in this week's Mishpacha magazine.

Have a wonderful shabbos and stay cool.

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  1. I actually saw the article in Mishpacha last Thurs, and saw the picture of your husband; I kept trying to place him--something seemed familiar... between the name, the bio on the bottom, and info from the article, i figured it out ;) I thought it was well-written, with real and inspiring messages... yasher koach!