Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Update on Summer School

I am now heading towards the end of the second week of my summer semester (6 days down, 13 to go but who is counting?) It has been both better and harder than I expected.
Better because my professor usually does not make us stay till 6 10. we usually leave between 5 30 and 5 45. She is nice and is very clear about her expectations for the class and it is not too difficult.
Harder because, although it is not terribly complicated or hard, there is A LOT of material to be covered. A big part of it is memorization, which requires a lot of time. I spent the last week memorizing slides of different tissues and the different parts of the epidermis and dermis (for all the uninitiated, that means skin). Our first lab exam was today and I think I nailed it..yay!
I am also relieved that my babysitter is working out very well. She is amazing and does not seem to get frazzled by the many demands of the kids. It is a team effort. My husband has been helpful with getting children to their special activities, so the sitter does not have to take everyone along. My mom is visiting now too and pitches in as well.  By the time I get home the kids are all fed and in PJs and my babysitter is usually semi-successfully prodding them to clean up their toys a bit.
It also helps that I have been pretty organized. I use the mornings to clean up, do laundry, buy groceries and make dinner, so that things run smoothly when I am away. It is very comforting to know that my kids are in good hands.  That way I can focus on starting to memorize the 80 bones of the axial skeleton. Fun times.

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