Monday, January 4, 2010


Even though Y has special needs, he is in pretty good health b"h. He has a few minor issues though, so every few months, we have our round of doctor's appointments. 3 weeks ago we had an appointment with a doctor who is always running behind schedule. Usually I come prepared for it but that specific day I was a little short on time because I had somewhere else to be later on and my babysitter had to leave by a certain time. Of course after waiting for an hour and a half, I was informed that the wait would probably be another hour. I didn't have another hour to spare, so I had to reschedule. I was so furious- I had wasted over two hours, had to pay my babysitter AND even had to pay the 40 dollar co-pay. Plus I would have to repeat the whole ordeal a few weeks later.
Fast forward to today. Today we had another doctor's appointment and the experience was radically different. We got there a few minutes after 3 pm. We were called in by 3 15 and out the door by 3 35. It was fabulous and I was thinking- why can't all doctor's offices run this efficiently? Still waiting on an answer for that one.
Tomorrow, however, I am going back to doctor number 1, the one who I had to reschedule. I got the first afternoon appointment but am still expecting it to take about two hours. I have cleared my schedule for the whole afternoon and made sure my babysitter can stay as long as necessary to watch the other kids. I guess if I expect the worst, I may be pleasantly surprised.
On a totally different note- my kids went back to school today after a 10-day vacation. I am so so happy. I feel a little guilty being a stay at home mom who doesn't want her kids to stay home...My only defense is that the potty training was very stressful and it was just too cold to take the kids anywhere, hence a lot of boredom and frustration ensued. They were also very happy to see their friends and get out of the house for a bit. It's a win-win situation for everyone.


  1. That sounds so frustrating. :(
    Do you have an option to switch specialists? I can't believe they made you pay the copay! :O

    I bring my daughter to the specialists in NYU, and luckily there was never a wait- 20 minutes is tops, and it only happened once or twice. The one specialist I saw in Maimonides- we waited about an hour. It was awful! The staff was rude, they acted against the law (refused to give me a copy of that visit's records) and all in all it was miserable.
    The travel time to NYU is about an hour, but I'd much rather be traveling with my baby in the front carrier, talking to her and all that to be stuck in a stuffy waiting room.

  2. I was considering switching but we have been with this doctor for 3 years and he is really nice. thats the thing, part of the reason the wait is so long is because he takes his time with every patient. Maybe he shouldn't be schedulinmg his appointments so close together then. Anyway, Y is getting his tubes out iyh in February and then maybe we will be going less often.