Saturday, January 9, 2010

On caregiving

Friday was a busy and exhausting day. i spent almost 6 hours with a client at NYU and then raced back to go straight into shabbos. Thanks to my wonderful housekeeper and my great husband, everything was pretty much ready. All I had to do was put up the food, shower and light candles.
We had 8 guests that night. I have to say it was a bit overwhelming to go straight from supporting a client in labor to caring for my kids and serving a big meal to guests. It strikes me as ironic that I am the primary caregiver for my children and have chosen a profession in which I am also the caregiver, although of a different nature. The contrast was heightened because that day I was coming from this intense experience and really just wanted to unwind and relax. Yet as soon as I walked in the door there were three kids who needed me, not to mention all the shabbos thing that needed to get done.
I am still learning to navigate and balance the different aspects of my life. But I would not want to give up the doula dimension. I have been at three births this past month and it feels intensely gratifying to help women in such a significant way. It is also really addictive... am already actively looking for my next client :)

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  1. Love reading your articles It gives me a birds eye view into mY grandchildrenIm so proud of all you do as a wife Mother rebettzin doula and daughter in law I was glad to read that david is a great husbandon this weeks blogYou are a great interesting writer and cant wait to hear about Meirs firsy year I cant believe thats his birthday tom What an adorable and Happy baby he is IM so proud that hes named after my father Who was an Outstanding man Husband father and grandfather and rabbi