Thursday, January 21, 2010

The games my kids play

My kids are really cute together.
A is the middle child but she is super protective of her older brother, always making sure he doesn't run away or get himself into trouble. This may be too much responsibility for a 3 year old (topic for another time) but it is very sweet. Whenever they meet at the playground at school, they hug and have a reunion like they haven't seen each other in months.
As for Baby M...The older 2 have this new game they love called "Tackle Meir" where they jump on top of him. He does not like this game and neither do I. But when I can convince them to do something else with him, they are great. They involve him in all their shenanigans and he is a quick learner- I wish I had a picture of Y and M on the couch today with all the cushions on the floor (another favorite game) and them trying to reach a picture on the wall and shake it. Yes, I know- incredibly safe :)
One morning this week Y and M woke up unusually early. While I was trying to get some more sleep on the couch, the two of them were playing nicely on the floor. M. was giggling and laughing so much, it almost made me want to sit up and see what they were doing. Almost. I was still too tired to really appreciate it.
So the project in the next few weeks is to motivate my older ones to move away from the tackling and suffocating w. couch cushions game to the good kind of fun where everyone is actually laughing- and breathing.

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