Sunday, February 28, 2010

Post-Purim Success

The final stats: 27 adults, 18 children, 10 pounds of turkey, 7 pounds of london broil, 7 pounds of meatballs, 40 muffins, countless bottles of wine and scotch, 3 tables, 1 housekeeper, 1 babysitter and lots of fun!
We did it! And it was really beautiful. True, there was a lot of food and alcohol, but more importantly lots of singing and divrei torah. It was really the way I had hoped it to be. Thanks to my husband for running the meal so well and making sure we covered all the important things. Now that Purim has passed, we have to get working on Pessach (Passover). Never a dull moment here...

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  1. You two really did do it It was beautiful and we enjoyed every minute The food was plentiful and delicous ,company great and the ruach of Purim with singing and divrei torah emanated thruout the room yashar Kochachem The kids were also well behaved It was such an excellent idea to get a baby sitter We hope that Pesach should be much easier than last year since youre going away The kids wardrobes are all taken care of also