Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Taking care of myself so I can care for others

I have to admit that my eating habits need some work at the moment. While I love salads, fruit and other good stuff, both the mommy and doula lifestyle often necessitate a "eat and run" kind of diet. Or the "snack all day" diet. Neither of which are particularly healthy. And I am starting to feel the effects. I gained a few pounds. Last week I had a splitting headache that pretty much killed an entire day. I think I was dehydrated. Another day I had a stomach cramp probably due to an overdose of chocolate. My body is telling me to stop abusing it :)
I have decided to listen. Not just for my own sake but for others as well. The day that I was sick, I had to cancel Y's therapy sessions and find a last minute sitter so I could sleep.
I can't be the patient parent I want to be, unless I am well rested and well fed. The same thing goes for working as a doula. To be able to truly be there for a laboring woman, I also need to be feeling well and have energy. Not energy from a sugar rush but energy that comes from drinking water and eating all the good green stuff. So that's my resolution for February- drink more water and watch my food intake. I'll keep you posted.

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