Monday, February 15, 2010

The search continues

I haven't posted about this in a while but the search for a school for Y continues. We saw a program that we liked but he would have to take a bus there and it would probably take over an hour. We have managed to take lots of options off our list, which is good except there are not that many options left. Last week I spoke to another Jewish school in the neighborhood (which shall remain nameless) and was very politely informed that they are not equipped to deal with such a "situation." I felt like politely informing them that we are not talking about a "situation", rather my CHILD who deserves a Jewish education just like any other child. The attitude is like- sure, your child should get a Jewish education, just not HERE.
We are checking out another program this week, as well as a secular school the following week. I'm feeling crunched for time because it's February and many schools are at the end of their application process. I don't want to miss any deadlines.
At the root of the matter is still the whole mainstream vs self contained classroom issue that my husband and I struggle with. We would like him to be with his typical peers but not at the expense of him aquiring the skills he needs.
Sometimes I look at him and wonder if he knows how he is the subject of so much worry, discussion, research, phonecalls, etc. Of course he doesn't and it is definitely better that way.
To be continued..

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