Friday, March 25, 2011

Good Shabbos

Just a quick note to say good shabbos. Things have been busy around here recovering from Purim, starting my Pessach cleaning, celebrating my anniversary and having A home from school for the whole week.
She was off for Shushan Purim. Not sure why. Then Tuesday at 12 her teacher called to say that she has fever. She has had fever since then, having certain bursts of energy when she feels better and then other times when she collapses on the couch in a heap. I feel bad because she is unhappy to be home, bored at times and others she just feels miserable. I have been trying to stay patient and happy and be a nurturing Mommy but at times it gets hard. Today we finally went to the doctor. He told us it's a virus and she has pink-eye. Going to school for shabbos-party was out of the question so I compensated by having some girl-time with her. We went shopping for a yomtov dress and I took her to get her nails done. Now she is knocked out on the couch again as I am trying to get the last-minute things ready for shabbos. Not sure if blogging qualifies as shabbos for another time.
I am thinking about Israel of course, and the horrible bus bombing this week. I just read Chana Jenny Weisberg's blog that brings home how personal and real the threat is. Her daughter is on that exact bus every other Wednesday on the way home from school. This happened to be the Wednesday she stayed late at school. Others were not as lucky. Wishing everyone a wonderful and peaceful shabbos and may Hashem keep all our brothers and sisters safe.

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