Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When Mommy is sick...

I picked a good week to get sick...NOT. With pessach cleaning and flying solo, my sore throat, eye infection and congested nose could have found a better time. But the truth is, there is never a good time to be sick.
I don't even realize how lucky I am to be functioning normally, until suddenly I don't. It throws off my schedule, my ability to be patient and any interest in cleaning up the mess my kids make at an alarming speed. Somehow, though, the show must go on. My kids are being fed clothed and sent off to school. I am making meals, doing errands and the never-ending laundry. AND I am making my way through the kid's room. Throwing out art projects (don't tell them) and stray pieces of toys. Then I clean and organize what is left. How's that for superwoman? Well, not really, considering that I have been napping while Meir sleeps in the morning so I have energy for the rest of the day...and my pessach activities.
My friend and I often joke how men retreat to bed when they are sick but women usually do not get a day off. I am not really that ill so definitely no need to crawl into bed for a whole day although the thought sounds nice....But I am also not feeling quite like myself, so I am trying to be kind to myself and not to expect too much. Hence the  short nap in the morning and the hour and a half of Caillou and Sesame street my kids watched this afternoon :) And I am meeting my friend for dinner tonight, and best of all we are going to a dairy place...I am never too sick for chocolate.


  1. refuah sheleima!
    i totally related to your side comment of "sh- dont' tell them"- abt your throwing out the kids' projects... in our house the "rule" is, on sunday it all goes into the paper recycling...
    enjoy the outing!

  2. refuah sheleima! hope you're feeling better. i have the same issue with the art projects, especially since both my girls like to draw pictures of me which they expect will be kept forever. the guilt over chucking them is enough on it's own, not to mention the double helping i get if they ever notice them in the recycling bin. ah, the life of a mother. :P