Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lists, Lists and Lists

Sorry for the silence. My "real life" interfered with my virtual life, hence the long break. Yesterday I realized that Purim is less than 2 weeks away and I need to get moving. So I finally ordered the kids the costumes they wanted online (more than I wanted to spend but I did not have to leave the house and it's DONE) and am now starting to plan our Purim seuda and Mishloach Manot.
 Last year we had close to 30 adults and numerous children and it was fun but also a bit crazy. We love having large seudas but I think we may tone it down a little this year. I have to admit that I am an OCD-planner which means I am starting my excel spreadsheets- menus, shopping lists and a cooking schedule.
I am not, however, one of the Mishloach Manos-themes people. Well actually, my theme this year is wine. We have about 50 bottles of wine we have accumulated from hosting guests over the course of the year. It's really great and considerate when people bring gifts to our home for meals but sometime we end up getting 4-5 bottles for one meal. There is no way we can drink all of that! I mean we could, but it probably would not be such a great idea... so I am thinking wine and chocolate. Seems like a good combination to me.
Next up- Pessach cleaning. Which means more spread sheets and lists. It seems kind of overkill, but I feel more prepared when I have a plan. Trust me I know that I am not in control. G'd has taught me that lesson many times (4 stitches in my thumb, anyone?). But I still need to do my hishtadlus and if making lists and cooking ahead and freezing makes me feel more prepared , then that is what I will do.
If anyone wants to see my crazy spread sheets, feel free to comment and I will email them to you :)


  1. i am very interested in your pesach-prep spreadsheets!

  2. I was super organized for Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot meals this year. I had a spreadsheet with dates, guests/where we were eating, meal options, what I had already made in advance, and a to do list. Of course, I updated it nearly daily as guests changed or to do items got done :)

    I have never had a Pesach prep spreadsheet, last year we kind of winged it all in one Sunday. but now that I have a Cheerio-toting toddler, I'd love the inspiration!