Thursday, March 17, 2011

Purim is coming

Whether I am ready or not, Purim is coming and it's coming soon! Thankfully, I feel pretty prepared. Most of my seuda has been cooked. I tried some new recipes which is always a risk when entertaining. I hope the food tastes as good as it smells and looks. I also spent a whole day making over 100 hamentashen because I doubled an already large recipe. It felt like the dough was never-ending.
All the ingredients for the rest of the food are in the house. Tomorrow I need to run some last minute errands, finish and label my mishloach manos and prepare for shabbos. The kids' costumes are hanging in the closet. I am sure I forgot something..
The only thing that has not gotten done is the pessach cleaning I had scheduled to start this week. I guess that was a little overambitious. To those who commented and asked for my spreadsheet- I realized after the fact that for Pessach, I dont have a spreadsheet, I actually have a whole notebook, containing recipes, shopping lists, cleaning lists, schedules from past years of how I structured my prep, lists of where my pessach boxes are and what is in them, etc. I am not sure if I will have time to type all of it up, but if I do, I will share it as a google document.
The kids are very excited about Purim. Y asks me every day if today is Purim yet. I went to his school on Wednesday to do a little presentation on Purim. We read a book, did some coloring and had Hamantashen.
A is super excited about going to school all dressed up tomorrow. Last week she did facepaint at school and then facepaint at a Purim event on Sunday (you can see it in the picture of the previous post) and absolutely LOVED it. I let her keep it on for one night so she could show her friends at school but then made her wash it off because I figured it is not great for her skin.
Aside from the physical prep for Purim, I would like to do some spiritual preparation as well. I listen to Rebbetzen Yemima Mizrachi every week. This weel she spoke about how Purim is a tremendous zman tfilla. It starts on Taanis Esther but also motzei shabbos and then on Purim itself, most importantly during the seuda. I would like to find some time to daven and focus on that part. I know that I will not FIND the time, I will have to MAKE the time if I want it to happen, set aside a specific time for myself. That is my goal along with remaining beSIMCHA even with all the business, stress, noise and mess. 
What are your plans- physical and spiritual for Purim?

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