Sunday, March 20, 2011

Purim 5771

Some highlights of our day:
-Y looked great in his Chassid-costume. He also broke our Ipod-Speakers with his over-enthusiasm for the Maccabeats' Purim song
-A was a bride and got lots of compliments on her dress. The only issue was that she refused to be photographed. Not sure what that was about. Her best comment of the day came at 8pm when I was finally trying to get everyone to sleep. After a whole day of nosh, junk and candy, she asked "Mom, can I have dessert now?"
-M refused to wear a costume. So he went as himself...a very cute version of himself I might add. Ironically, one of our guests' children somehow got him to put on his Elmo-costume around 7 30 when they day was over...I did snap some pictures though. Cause we all know that if we did not take pictures and post them on facebook, the event did not really occur :)
Now I am just unwinding from a busy day and resting so I can be ready to get started on Pessach bright and early tomorrow morning!

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