Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday Party

Yesterday was Y's birthday and last day of school. We celebrated by having a small party in school. It was very sweet, even though Y kept asking when we were going home. To him, Mommy and Abba at school means he gets to leave early :)

My trio having their birthday cupcakes. A insisted on missing camp to come to the party. Sisterly love

Y and his beloved Abba

And check out M in his fancy hat and glasses. I loved the look and he almost stole the show looking so cute!

Birthdays are times of joy but also always a time of reflection for me. Of how far Y has come and how far we still have to step at a time. My life was profoundly changed the day Y was born, although I guess any parent would say that about the birth of their child. We have learned a lot on our journey and I am sure there is more to learn. What I can say is that Y is such a happy and lovable child. All the teachers and therapists at school have remarked on this and we are greatful that everyone can sense and appreciate his "chen".
I have more to say but I will instead leave it to Sheva, who has a great post on her blog about her daughter's first birthday. Thanks to my mother-in-law for sending this my way.
I will keep you posted on the iPad developments. I am hoping to buy it next week and will be taking recommendations for educational and communication apps and hopefully giving some myself.


  1. happy birthday!!! may Y continue to shine...

  2. YOu and abba have done a great job with Y Be very proud He has grown by leaps and bounds under your guidance love and true dev0tion KOl hakavod The pictures of y, A, and M at the party are delicious