Monday, June 20, 2011

Mommy needs a Time-Out

I really do love my kids but lately they have been driving me a little crazy. M is still in his "I do it" phase although it doesn't really seem to be a phase...just our new never ending reality: I want to walk, I want to open the door, I want to cut my own food with a knife, etc. A is trying on a new persona of being defiant ie doing the exact opposite of every thing I ask her to. Y still has not figured out personal property and keeps grabbing other people's bycicles, strollers, trikes and food at the park. He is also still obsessed with chasing pigeons.
When you put the three of them together, they come up with all kinds of crazy mischief like getting in the bathtub after they are already in pjamas and getting wet all over again, spreading pieces if schnitzel all over my bed, trying to make kiddush by themselves and spilling a full bottle of grape juice...
I'm not just complaining, I'm trying to say that, sooner or later my patience quota for the day is full.
Last night, after a long day of running after them, I was attempting to put them to bed and was being completely disregarded and ignored. It was only 7 15 and I felt like I was going to either scream or cry. Neither was a particularly good option. So I decided to take a step back. I informed my husband that I was officially done and went into our bedroom and locked the door. I spent the next hour just reading blogs and vegging at the computer, finding the bedtime struggles my husband was now engaged in slightly amusing from the distance of a locked door.
Eventually they settled down and eventually I too calmed down and came back out of my room. I was lucky that my husband was home, because otherwise I would not have had the luxury of just checking out. But even if you can't totally walk away, just taking 5 minutes to your self can make a big difference and help you calm down. Sometimes evene Mommys need time-outs.
And scheduling real down time is super important too. That is why I am going to try and squeeze some yoga into my week somehow, even with all my other appointments, meetings and general craziness.
What do you do to relax/get away a bit?


  1. I can only imagine how it is with 3 kids! I'm with one, 5 month old, and patience quota - I'm sure - is much smaller than yours! When my son is all cranky and cries his lungs out, and I seem to have nothing left to offer him for calming down, I just put him down on bed for a couple of minutes and go a bit away to look for my lost sanity. when I'm back - I somehow find it easier to calm him down...
    I'd love to do some yoga too! any suggestions on how exactly I can squeeze it into my daily routine (if it's not by neglecting all the house work or meals)? :)

  2. Is there any way you can get a babysitter for an hour or two or that your husband can watch the baby? If now, I would recommend getting started online, there are supposed to be some great yoga videos on youtube, although I cant recommend a specific one. And whethere its yoga or something else, remember to breathe :)