Sunday, June 26, 2011

Good/Bad News

The good news is Y is famous- check him out on p. 16 of the Jewish Week. Unfortunately, the online version of the article does not include his picture. It also doesn't identify him by name...but he looks very handsome. His birthday is also coming up. I cannot believe he will be 6 already. With the help of our prents/in-laws, we are planning on getting him an  iPad because it supposedly has great communication and learning apps. I am excited about this and hope it will be a useful tool. I am definitely open to hearing suggestions about what type of iPad to buy and any app recommendations you may have.
Now the bad news: I discovered tonight that there is a big fat mistake on Y's IEP- all his therapy services are being provided in a group instead of individually, NOT what we had agreed at the IEP meeting. Needless to say I am very very angry and also annoyed at myself for not checking his IEP sooner.
I guess assuming that someone will actually implement the services they have verbally committed themselves to is a big mistake. A lesson I should have learned by now- always second guess the Board of Education and if someone went too smoothly, that means that it will not actually happen.
Excuse me while I go scream and cry and figure out a plan of action!


  1. hey, no link to the article?

  2. hatzlachah with the bd of ed I have confidence in you that youll get this situatuion resolved
    Keep us informed

  3. i didnt post a link bc the picture is not in the online version of the article and it has nothing to do w Y at all :) but if you want to read it anyway, here you go