Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fun with the Board of Education

How does the Board of Education frustrate me? Let me count the ways
1) You submit paperwork to request an increase in services for your child and then call your administrator for 3 weeks only to find out that your child's file has been passed on to a different administrator without anyone thinking of informing you.
2) You then call the other administrator and keep leaving messages for about 6-8 weeks straight without getting your call returned
3) Finally on your 10th message you threaten to involved a lawyer and voila, you get a call back THAT SAME DAY
4) The administrator informs you that he can only process your request if you submit new goals
5) You spend the next week begging therapists to write up new goals for your child and fax them to the Board of Education as soon as you can
6) The administrator says he will approve the requested services- victory!
7) Two days later you get a message that the IEP was sent out but returned because they have the wrong address. You explain to them that you moved 18 months ago and have given them your updated address about 10 times and ask that it be mailed to the correct address.
8) You finally get the new IEP in the mail and discover that
-your child's name is misspelled
-the correct address is printed ON THE IEP so it is unclear how it got mailed to the old address
- NONE of the new goals you worked so hard to submit have been included in the new IEP
- There is a mistake on the last page of the IEP because it doesn't list the increase in services that you asked for and that was approved
Then you scream and wonder how somebody who spends all day formulating and approving IEPs can be so inept at putting one together. And you start formulating the voice mail you will be leaving for your administrator on Monday....To be continued

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  1. The bd of ed is impossible Once i went there to get my increment for a masters degree plus 3o credits beyond The women was on the phone talking to her seemstress When she got off at 3 she said to me now its time to go I had to make other arrangements to finally get what was due me YOu have to be very patient with them Its so frustrating Eventually they get it right